Ty Segall’s sick Suessian circus @1st Ave

tyTy Segall was built in a test tube from the grafted genetics of Sam Kinison, Kurt Cobain and Matthew Sweet (his guitar pop melody genius without the pretentious douchtardness.) Segall and his merry pranksters “The Muggers” took the 1st Avenue stage Wednesday with the body language of a Boston fishing boat crew at the end of the best run of their lives. They appeared a bit tired but still oozed good fortune and power. Not just any power, Iggy Pop Raw Power fused with a drug fueled Dr. Suess.

Ty and the Muggers are a rare incantation that channels the Stooges purity with an obvious love of burbling guitar riffs and deafening feedback. The crowd was dangling from the puppet strings of Ty’s baby man persona like only a cult can. So much so, it was at times frightening, even to the puppet master. While pointing to the crowd during the encore a fight broke out almost seemingly on cue and Ty remarked on it after the song finished. “I pointed to you guys, and then a fight broke out. That’s never happened to me before, it freaked me out.” Here in lies the rub. Be careful what you ask for Ty, because you have stumbled upon a mixed cocktail of Mad Magazine Hard Rock that has, for whatever reason, the power to incite a riot.

Ty Segall and the Muggers are solid pop hooks, with the perfect amount of “we don’t give a f” finished with a pinch of bad circus mimes on Molly.


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