New Pixies Black Magic

The Joy of Black Francis

I couldn’t sleep last night, so I hit the garage to work on a new piece. All I knew was that it should be black. I was sorta going through the motions, waiting for that magical bit of inspiration that comes from the cosmos. As I was finishing up, The Pixies email came in with their new fantastic song, BagBoy.

After the third listen, the piece I had just finished was going to have to be some kind of homage, I thought to myself, with the timing and all. So what to call it? What is it about the Pixies that sets them apart? To me it’s Frank Black‘s ridiculous, seemingly meaningless lyrics, backed by the perfect two chords that exude a sonic joyous grin. In BagBoy, it’s Kim Deal‘s quintessential layered vocals, along with Frank’s answering back like this BagBoy is some kind of superhero. This is classic Pixies magic. (Update! It’s not Kim Deal at all?!?! And she left the band, which makes the following even more poignant.)

Kim Deal referenceAs for my moment of inspiration? While hanging the new piece on the wall, I noticed the letter K, and right below it a D. I had “randomly” picked these game pieces out of a box and included them only for their shape. But there it was, a little wink from the universe. The K was for Kim, and D was for Deal of course. So my title, “The Joy of Black Francis” was justified, in fact endorsed by the gods of creativity.

Bless you Pixies, for your newest joyful sonic grin and wink.


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