Help us Mickey, you’re our only hope…

You’d best watch yourself. You’d better take heed, take notice, gather your wits about you. It’s one thing to be the biggest dim bulb left for all the rest of the moths to gather, but perhaps you haven’t considered exactly what has befallen you with this recent swallow.

As the last of my childhood dreams vanquish into the ether, (Peter Parker is dead!?!?) albeit by natural causes or more sinister plots to collectively destroy the souls of a generation of dreamers, you have, equally, a chance, a burden, an obligation to carry the torch of a billion lost travelers from a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.

That is why I say, take heed of this latest brushstroke from your enormous commercial hand, because you know not what potential you now possess.

Those of us that were left to dwell in moldy basements, and musty bookstores, still remember a time when this was more than a story, and something closer to a religion. We had faith in a place of infinite wonder, one that would be later diminished by its maker with tangible finite logic and reason. A maker who greatest moral, was his self prognostication, that of becoming more machine than man.

So with the relinquishing of his greatest work, and most miserable failure, you have the weight of all our flickering souls in the palm of your painfully florescent hand. You couldn’t possibly fill the landfills of the world any faster with the useless plastic that fueled our intergalactic juggernaut, but you have a chance, with your immense resources to lure some of the greatest dreamers, craftsmen, and music makers of the next century into your web. Choose wisely and your take will undoubtably be bountiful, and your shareholders will enjoy ever expanding growth. And just maybe you’ll use your giant dim bulb for the power of good instead of evil. But most importantly with your actions, you could actually reaffirm the faith that we once had in a world that was held together by an energy force created by all living things, one that binds the galaxy together. Fail at this, and you may not lose profits, but you will lose something much more important, more valuable,….ILLUMINATION.

May the force be with you, whether you like it or not…



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